Leonis Astra – Veteran

Whilst the standard codified squad size within the formations of the Adeptus Astartes is almost always ten marines, the writings of Lord Commander Guilliman foresee and allow for a tactical breakdown of this number to better combat variables in the theatre of war and allow for a more flexible distribution of force to counter the... Continue Reading →


42nd Vancaran Huntsmen, ‘the old immortals’, Inquisitorial Shock Troops

Across the breadth and width of the Imperium of Mankind there are many notable military formations, all of which pale in military prowess when compared to the elite trained warriors of the Ordo Tempestus. aside from the Adeptus Astartes of course. Though, even among these pinnacles of unaugmented soldiery there are those who standard apart,... Continue Reading →


Leaning forward in his seat Corporal Rutgar rubbed his face vigorously to distract himself from the sense of nausea growing in his core. The upper atmosphere was alight with sheet lightning and thick with thunderous storm clouds as the ferocity of the electrical storm buffeted the adamantium and reinforced ceramite hull of the drop ship.... Continue Reading →

Machina Decayed!

Magos Kaal Rakaal, Governor of Draakus-Nine, Former Adept of the Adeptus Mechanicus... Traitoris Extremis! As the Magos rises, the populace falls! Draakus Endures...

Death Walks…

+++Incoming Transmisson+++ +++Voice Extract Filtered+++ +++Script Transcript decoded+++   "...sound off... ...where's the damn Inquisi..." "...civilians sighted.... ...wait... ...what the fug was that?..." "...sound off..." "...they're fugging dead..." +++ Script Transcript End +++    

Civilisation Lost…

As a hot charred wind swept in from the ashen remains of the industrial suburbia, the world choked upon its own demise. The horizon glowed faintly as Draakus-Nine smouldered in the wake of the spreading conflagration, the world put to the flame in anger, the resultant actions of a twisted and misguided governor. Igniting the... Continue Reading →

A Mechaniucus Betrayed!

Magos-Prosecutor Kaal Rakaal Lord Governor of Draakus-Nine, Magos of the Ordo-Prosecutor, Servant of the Omnissiah   A loyal and steadfastly ambitious adept, Kaal Rakaal became a skilled and renown Magos of the Ordo-Prosecutor for several hundred years.   Ordo-Prosecutor – Adeptus Mechanicus Investigative division, tasked with policing the various Mechanicus disciplines and their adherence to... Continue Reading →

The Fall of Draakus-Nine

The fall of Draakus-Nine [Promethium Refinery World | Tithe Grade: Exactus Tertius] 01 Outbreak of disease spreads through the human worker populace. Reported to planetary Mechanicus authorities under the command of Magos-Prosecutor Kaal Rakaal. No action taken. 02 Failure to respond to the disease results in a global pandemic, millions of workers die over the... Continue Reading →

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